Baratunde Calls His Representatives

Baratunde is calling his representatives weekly, with guidance from The 65's Weekly Call to Action. Watch him do it, and then call your own representatives. Because it's our job. Let's go do some democracy y'all! See more of the live videos on Baratunde's Facebook page


Baratunde reads his Vox essay about the election then talks about it with y'all

Baratunde wrote an essay for Vox in November 2016 titled "Empathy isn’t a favor I owe white Trump voters. It has to go both ways." You can watch him read it to you. Like a bedtime story about democracy.


Baratunde Delivers Frederick Douglass July 4th Oration

In 1852, Frederick Douglass delivered a speech titled "What To The Slave Is The Fourth Of July?" With today's explosion of intersectional social movements around income inequality, undocumented migrants, #blacklivesmatter, LGBTQ rights, women's rights and more, it is time for a still-young nation to hear his inspiring and eviscerating words once more. On July 1, 2016 Baratunde delivered this same speech, directed by Mikhael Tara Garver and produced by her team, at the Dweck Center theatre downstairs at the Brooklyn Public Library.


Baratunde waits to meet Baratunde

Baratunde Thurston and Baratunde Cola discovered each other's existence on the internet. Watch them meet IN REAL LIFE on a street in Brooklyn.