So the tears should be dry by now. I had a meeting with some friends, and we came up with some cool details on a three-part plan: simplify the message, change the messenger and promote participation. Read on...

The ideas may not translate as clearly or passionately as they did in person, but it's better than nothing right?

I hope I've done a decent job of synthesizing our collective thoughts.
In three parts

1. Simplify the Message
2. Change the Messenger
3. Promote Participation

Part 1. Simplify the message

a) Undermine the opposition.

The opposition was able to drive votes by appealing to fears on gay marriage and abortion and terror (we'll deal with that some other time). Both the abortion issue and gay marriage are fought with false arguments though. Here's our response.

+++ Launch The "Real" Pro Life Movement

We value all life. Even the life of the "post-born." The problems with the opposition exist at two levels.

First, the so-called pro-life people are actually undermining their goals of reducing abortions. By cutting international family planning aid, they drive the AIDS epidemic and kill people. By promoting abstinence-only education, they drive unprotected sex, unwanted pregancies/STDs and abortions. By resisting stem cell research, they prevent disease cures, and thus kill people.

Second, their "pro-life" title is a lie. They are pro-fetus. If they were really pro-life, they would be against the death of innocents in all its forms. They would oppose war. They would oppose the death penalty. They would oppose global warming. They are none of these things. Instead they focus exclusively on pre-people.

As we co-opt the "pro life" title through our Real Pro-Life Movement, we should label the opposition appropriately. Perhaps Anti-Born Movement" or "Pro-Fetus Movement"?

+++ Really defend marriage and family.

Call out the anti-gay marriage movement for what it is: an anti-gay movement. Then expose the false argument.

First, explain to people that preventing gay marriage will not prevent "gayness" and that allowing it won't make your kids gay. Also, the more they make an issue of it, the more gay people will be up in their face about gay rights. Just shut up.

Second, let folks know about the choices they're making. When they make gay marriage their voting issue, they put it above EVERYTHING. Ask them what's more important: if their kid sees a gay couple or if their family has food?

The goal of this message is to drive the debate to a more honest territory. Force people to admit that it's really all about hating gay people above everything else, or change their minds and their votes. And if they do drop the code words and admit hatred, they may just lose some followers.

+++ Tell people they've been had.

Explain to folks that they were manipulated into voting on this stupid stupid issue to the detriment of their families and their country.

That's all on the undermining tip. Then there's...

b)promote a positive message

We can tear at the conservatives for a while, but it would be great to lure America toward a positive vision at the same time. Use the idea of challenging America to be great. We are the wealthiest, most powerful country in the world. If any nation could have the highest standard of living, it's us. If any nation could take care of its seniors, its us. If any nation could build affordable healthcare for all, it's us. Now help us make it happen!! They other side want to scare you into defending your country's values. We want to help you build a better country.

Part 2. Change the Messenger.

Find alternatives to mainstream media. The religious right did not grow because of TV ad buying.

a)Left reclaims religion. Use the church. Explain what jesus was really all about. Would Jesus be down with all this wealth-hording and money-changing and death-dealing?

b)Besides churches, what other institutions can we use to reach the
people? Colleges, rotary, YMCA?

c)Message in the music. Although musicians heavily promoted voting and civic involvement with their words, they didn't do it with their MUSIC like back in the day (1960s). Music is subliminal and can work on you while you're doing other stuff. Let's challenge artists to get off of the bullshit

d)Customizing for the coalition. According to our sources, the DNC hit up all its interest groups with the same message. So black churches got hit with the gay marriage agenda. NOT HELPFUL. Rethugs don't do it that way. Just talk to people about the shit that matters to them in the language the works for them!

Part 3. Pressure on Participation.

We need to keep the pressure on young folk to participate in this democracy thing through voting and running for office. And let's not wait till 2008

a) Vote

The message is simple: Fuck you, you ignorant bastards! You can't not vote. Here's why:

1. it's your only chance to have the same say as Ken Lay. One man, one vote. It works that way

2. Even if you live in a "safe" state, your vote counts toward the popular tally which is psychologically VERY important. It's the only thing that kept us sane through the first term and now Bush has his mandate from Jesus AND the people. Damn you you non-voting bastards.

3. Not voting is an insult to the struggle that so many face today internationally and that our own country struggled with recently. When
you don't vote, you're disrespecting the blood of black people who died for the right, of women who fought for the right, of Chinese who still don't have it

b) Run

Get into office. Low level. it doesn't matter. Start building the infrastructure and experience for 20 years from now

-- That's about it for now. Now for some followup resources