I read an amazing thing today. Boston's Big Dig, plagued for years by delays, "cost overruns," general mismanagement and now leaks has outlasted four governors. It's our own little Fidel Castro!

Through four governors and five project heads, for whatever reasons and despite sometimes good intentions, it's been the same: a reluctance, unwillingness, or outright refusal to be candid and forthright with those paying the bills.

from MetroWest

Ok, Fidel has outlasted nine US presidents, but still, you see my point. We just can't beat this thing!

For any of you who haven't heard of the Big Dig, shame on you! You paid for it, or half at least. It's basically a $14.5 billion dollar tunnel which connects North Boston to South Boston, and the federal government (i.e. you) paid for $8 billion.

It's the most expensive public works project in the history of the US., all 48 states. Think of all the marvelous things we've built. The Hoover Dam provides power to 1.3 million residents in three states and stopped the Colorado River, you know, the thing that made the Grand Canyon? It only cost $5 billion in today's dollars. The Brooklyn and Golden Gate bridges combined are less than $1 billion. Even the Lincoln Tunnel, which allows New Jerseyans to pretend they live in New York cost just over $1 billion.

But the tunnel from the Fleet Center to South Station cost $15 billion and is friggin leaking!!!

Just another in my new series on this blog: bitchin about boston