I just wrote the following on Oprah's message board. What? I dare you to say something... "I am a big Oprah fan, and so is my mom obviously. But I think she's taken this celebrity obsession WAY too far."

I don't care how Kirstey Alley decorates. I don't really care that G. Paltrow had a kid. Oprah used to do such AMAZING stories, and I feel like she's filling the air with fluff I could watch on Entertainment Tonight or E True Hollywood Stories or VH1 or 24-Hour-Celebrity-Cam-Network.

You get my idea.

First we worship these people who have talents but are not worth worshipping. Then we try to be like them and have what they have though we don't make what they make. Then we get FURIOUS when they do something the least bit human (like punch someone who throws beer on you). We just need to take a chill from the celebrity worship is all I'm saying.

Is it really worth the airtime to find out where some gazillionaire gets his face scrubbed? Is that helping us live our best lives?

I hope Oprah will focus on other types of stories more. I remember back in the 90s when she did a TWELVE-PART series on racism and had different guests on every week to talk about a different angle. She even had KKK folks on. I remember maybe a year ago when she got deep into explaining both pro- and anti-views on the Iraq war. Now I'm not saying she has to be the next Dan Rather (plus her fact-checking department is probably better), but I AM saying that Gwyneth Paltrow doesn't need the exposure, and if this is going to be the predominant Oprah show, she should just change the name.

"Oprah's Celebrity Interviews"

That way I won't get my hopes up that I'm gonna see something new or different