So I was getting all better right? Had me some nice antibiotics, was taking it easy, and WHAM! Friday night out of nowhere the chest pains returned. I had been checking out the plans for the Republican Convention in New York. Why would I ever I have chest pains after that?

I really wasn't trying to call an ambulance, but it's kind of a scary thing, and I couldn't really move myself well due to the pain. I called and six minutes later the fire department arrives. While I was waiting, I packed my all-important hospital bag including a newspaper, journal and duh, iPod.

I was sitting on my front porch when the emergency folks showed up, and had six huge firefighters standing over me.

They got me into the ambulance and took real good care of me. A big shoutout to Professional Ambulance for hookin a brotha up! More shoutouts to the ER staff at Mass General. I even ran into some of the same doctors from my last visit. They were like "Hey! It's the comedian with pericarditis!" Even in the ER, I have to promote the comedy. Don't hate.

I'm scheduled for more tests and prodding, so finger's crossed!