First, as Jon Stewart so eloquently put it last night, "they are neither swift, nor truthful." Second, and perhaps more importantly, can't anyone see the hypocrisy sitting in the middle of the room??? By claiming that Kerry got these medals erroneously, these veterans and their conservative backers (so called friends of the military) are straight up dissing the military! They're saying the military can't even figure out who shot who and if there were bullets flying!

They're saying that everyone who signed the forms awarding Kerry the various medals is either a liar or incompetent. Now, I ask you, if we can't trust the military to fill out the proper paperwork, how can we trust them to execute our wars?

Answer me that Swift Boat Biatches!!

And don't get me started on the media, but it looks like you have. Why is it supposedly "news coverage" to just air the he-said, she-said in this story? Why has no one in the TV "news" called out this blatant attack on the credibility of the military? We know these TV people love to love the military, especially since it means they get to ride shotgun in a Bradley Fighting Vehicle and use the latest videophone technology.

But they clearly have no interest in actually explaining what the hell is going on hear. It's simple. Either the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth are lying or the military is a complete sham. Maybe those two aren't mutually exclusive, but the fact that no one will come out and say it is pretty damn disturbing.

To all you Republicans out there who love to give hand jobs to the military when it suits your needs, you've got another point for total hypocrisy.

Point 1: "Let's heavily promote war and fighting and soldiers even though we were punk asses when we had our chance to put our lives on the line!"

Point 2: "Let's impugn the credibility not only of a man who did put his life on the line when we didn't, but while we're at it, let's just give a big F-You to our beloved soldiers."

in fact this is part of a larger pattern of using those you claim to love while dissing, dissing, dissing them!

Point 3: "Let's take advantage of the growth of evangelical Christianity in rural America, pander to their heartfelt religious convictions by appealing to narrow but passion-filled 'cultural issues' such as gays and abortion. Then, when they aren't looking, let's undermine their environment with under-enforced pig shit farms, and why don't we close a factory or two to boost our Wall St friends' value. And just to bend them over a bit more (because rural evangelical Americans just love the bend over sex), let's send their damn kids to fight a war we lied about! Oh, and with all that extra money pouring into the campaigns, we'll finance some baseless attack ads on John Kerry's war record, because he has one."

I'm sure this is exactly what Jesus would do.