Just about every week, I send a message to my e-mail list with career updates, general silliness and what I call "momentary jokes" -- current events-based humor. I'm going to experiment with sharing some of that with the wider blog audience. So enjoy! And if you do, head over to baratunde.com to join the list.

  • President Bush toured the wreckage from Hurricane Charley last week, promising federal aid to those who signed a pledge to vote Republican.

  • In response to competition from Google, Hotmail is offering 2 gigabytes of mail storage, thus doubling the amount of email you can get which promises to double your penis size.

  • A US general today said that some of the 44 instances of abuse uncovered in the Abu Ghraib prison investigation amounted to "torture." He also acknowledged that some of the black people picking cotton in America between 1619 and 1863 were "slaves."

  • Olympic officials are seething at a campaign ad for President Bush which, they say, hijacks the Olympic brand. Bush reminded the Olympic committee that America built Greece, and America could destroy it.