During this year's Republican Convention a lot is being made of 9/11 and how it marked a turning point for the country and a devastating blow to the Big Apple. No offense to New York, but we go through hell every year on September 1st. That's the day the snowglobe that is the Boston rental housing market gets shaken.

In September 2003, I didn't move. It was the first time I hadn't moved at least once a year since September 1995. This year I was back at it, but I had a little help from the most awesome moving company in the world: Gentle Giant of Somerville, Mass.

First of all, I had never used movers before. Like Dionne Warwick sang, "that's what friends are for." But this year I wasn't vying for the title of logistical king. I had saved a little money and wanted to do my part for the US economy by spending it. I'm almost 27 years old, and more than the fact that seeing college girls on spring break now makes me feel like a dirty old man, the hiring of a moving company truly marks that most important of life's rites of passage: shifting from MTV to VH1.

The selection process was pretty easy. I skimmed the online world and found some positive words about Marathon Movers, but then I read about Gentle Giant. It was like choosing between not being caned in Singapore versus full service, "happy ending" massage in Malaysia -- not that I would know. I've never even been to Asia.

What I read about Gentle Giant seemed almost too good to be true and included such wild claims as:

  • They are super courteous and professional
  • They would actually run with your boxes
  • They would come in well under estimate
  • They've won Best of Boston for the past 2,000 years and the Better Business Bureau Local Torch Award

and even utterly insane experiences like:

  • They didn't steal my stuff
  • They're licensed, insured and bonded
  • They pay their workers

I'm very happy to report that all of these claims proved true in my case. I went for the luxury treatment and had the company pack all my crap one day and move it the next. They really did handle things with so much care and were an absolute pleasure to deal with. And yes, they ran with boxes as they unloaded the truck. I even have a lot of funky Intermetro shelving, and they re-assembled it in the new apartment. Sure I paid them to do it, but I was happy to do that.

So right here, I'd like to publicly thank the Gentle Giant company and all its people I dealt with: Carol in sales, Helena who coordinated dates and contracts, Pete the crew chief and Matt, Edgar & Ryan the crew. You all made my day and my move, and I'll probably give you my first-born. I know you didn't ask, but it's the least I can do. Really, I'd probably mess the first kid up, so someone more responsible should take over when that time comes.

No offense to any other moving companies, but Gentle Giant has set a very high bar.

Special Note to Gentle Giant: I've done what you asked and held up my end of the deal. Now can I please have my girlfriend back? This isn't funny anymore.