This is a quickie. Every time the "entertainment" industry starts to feel the heat from technology, it tries to bail itself out by writing bad laws and suing people instead of writing better movies, music and business practices. There is one VERY bad law that could soon be passed. It's called the INDUCE ACT, and here's how you can stop it...

If you like your iPod or your VCR or TiVo, you'll hate the INDUCE Act (aka S.2560). If you have a problem with the DMCA, then this is pretty stinky too

Below is a letter I sent to my Senators. Took about 5mins and will take you even less if you want to use my text or adapt it.

Easiest ways to take action

1. input your zipcode and fire off an email to your senators

2. go to SaveBetaMax, read a little bit, fill in your zip and CALL

3. See what may be hurt by this bad bill

4. Finally. please vote in the presidential election. If you're not
registered, fix that ASAP, even if you live in Massachusetts. I don't know how the candidates feel about this issue, but I do know that I trust John Kerry with a computer more than Bush

Here's the email I sent to my senators...

Hello Senators,

I'm a constituent and voter living in Somerville. I've also worked in the
technology industry for the past nine years. I'm an author and performer
so I value so-called "intellectual property" as well.

I'm writing this brief note to encourage you to vote AGAINST S.2560, aka
the INDUCE Act. From what I've read, this bill goes WAY overboard in
protecting the interests of a few, reluctant-to-change industries at the
expense of our innovative technology fields.

In general, legislation is a poor way to solve what is essentially a
BUSINESS problem. The marketplace is changing, competition is evolving,
and those who want to play in the game must adapt. The movie industry
tried to kill the VCR, and now they wholly depend on it for financial
survival, releasing even more crappy movies straight to video.

I'll end this quickly. We are in a time of great change and great
opportunity. I worry that the fear-based tactics of the entertainment
industry will rob the country, if not the world, of overwhelmingly
offsetting benefits due to the technological and business innovations that
are already underway.

I urge you to try to imagine and create this exciting new world, rather
than protect a chosen few from the inevitably-dying old one.