Ok, I just saw sometihng jacked up on MSNBC. It turns out war medics headed to Iraq are training at the Kings County Hospital in the good ol' BKNY, not because the hospital has the best technology, but because it's the closest to a war zone the doctors can experience.

The Army Reserve Colonel being interviewed kept reiterating that it was the multiple trauma victims Kings County handles which makes the hospital such an attractive training ground. The reporter was like "Oh, so it's not necessarily the medical training, but really the psychological preparation of such violent injuries which helps your team?" And Army man was all: "Yes ma'am."

But never in the interview or story was it suggested that this is a horrible, sad, tragedy! Everyone on camera was chipper and happy: "And so when the impoverished and frustrated Colored folk are subsumed in a self-destructive cycle of violence, that's good for America? Yay!!!"