What a great day for freedom!! TiVo announced a life-saving alliance with Comcast, which helps ensure the company's future. And Bernie Ebbers is found guilty, guilty, guilty on ALL NINE COUNTS!! Dayam!

First, let's deal with TiVo. I'm sooo happy one of my favorite companies has a chance to live on. TV the way you want it baby! Maybe I'll write more on this some other time, but trust me. This is a good thing for freedom-loving people the world over.

Second. Bernie Ebbers. Honestly, I don't know the details of the case, but since when has that stopped commentators from opining in the past. Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant, Scott Peterson anyone? But I'll go on the record with this one. Even if he's not guilty, this is good. It's just a nice sign that sometimes, a corporate fat cat will pay a price. Hell, I'm sure Ebbers has done way more horrible things that we don't even know about. He probably has slaves and whatnot. Accounting fraud works fine for me.

If only the intensity with which he was prosecuted were mirrored for all white collar crimes, and we stopped bashing brothers over the head for "stealing poundcake"