A little while back, I wrote a piece on the Armstrong Williams pay-me-to-say-nice-ish-about-bad-ish scandal. I asked you to write the FCC and demand an investigation. Well, that's what they're doing!

Here's a letter I got from the FCC on Feb 10
Thank you for contacting us. Your views and comments are important to us. We invite you to visit our Web Site located at www.fcc.gov/cgb where you will find a wealth of information on a wide variety of communications-related topics.

In response to recent reports regarding potential violations of the “payola” and sponsorship identification provisions of the Communications Acts, the Chairman instructed the Enforcement Bureau to open two investigations: one into issues regarding commentator Armstrong Williams; and the other into issues regarding station WKSE (FM), Niagara Falls, New York, licensed to a subsidiary of Entercom Communications Corporation.

These provisions govern disclosure and sponsorship identification regarding payments or other consideration in connection with broadcast programs.

Yeah biatches!! Government by the Tunde, of the Tunde and for the Tunde. WHAT WHAT?!?!?

Now if we could keep the pressure up, maybe the prez would stop advocating covert propaganda. Hint to Mr. Prez: it ain't covert if you come out and say you're gonna do it.

Now that you've read my little soapbox moment, step up and say something real quick yourself. It will only take a minute.