This is the third podcast! Sorry for the month off, but I'm a busy man. You can download the mp3 file or better yet, subscribe to my feed with a podcast aggregator like iPodder or, for Mac, a great one is iPodderX.

In this podcast, I continue to do more field interviews that I'd hoped to do on my AM radio show back in the day. Regular blog readers will know that I took a 3,200 mile cross-USA drive with my mother. About halfway across, we (me, mom and sis) stopped at LT Organic Farm for the best meal in America. I interviewed co-owner LT and captured some great sounds from his small Iowa farm. LT was a cardiologist in Chicago for many years before he and his wife decided that they wanted to prevent disease rather than treat it. Now they grow produce for and instruct 200 families in ways to grow and properly prepare healthy foods, and LT has a lot to say on the subject.

Also included in this podcast is a promo for my London show with singer/songwriter Mieka Pauley on Sunday April 24th at The Troubador (263-7 Old Brompton Road), 8pm. Hope some of you readers and listeners can make it out for great comedy and music! The podcast promo includes a live recording of Mieka at the Paradise Lounge in Boston this past March.

Field recordings were done on an iRiver IFP-795T with radio shack stereo lapel mic. Audio processing and mixdown courtesy of Soundtrack. Normalizing by Peak Express and MP3 conversion and tagging done by iTunes.

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c u in london!