We've stopped in Auburn, Washington which is 20 miles outside of Tacoma!! Today's drive from Burley, Idaho was breathtaking. Sooo. Many. Mountains. They just kind of creep up on you. Really, they should be charged with stalking or looming or something

We had arrived in Idaho last night under the cover of darkness, so we really didn't know what the terrain looked like around us. However, looking out the window in the morning, we couldn't help but notice a large, snow-covered mountain outside. Just like that. Even David Blain can't do magic like that.

Then on the drive out of Idaho, across the Northeast corner of Oregon and into Washington, we climbed and descended mountains, cut through valleys and paid way too much for gas. I think the record for the trip was at a Chevron in Ellensberg, Washington: $2.39 per gallon!!! For that price, I at least want universal healthcare, dammit.

At one point today, we stopped at a scenic overlook on I-82. There was a lot of graffiti inside the overlook gazebo proclaiming love or good blowjobs or gibberish. But one listed a website that I decided to check out. Just because I admire the guy for putting his website as graffiti on a scenic overlook, I want you to check out dieselducy.com and check out this guy's love of his wife, Jesus and the road.

That's about it. The end is basically here, with my mom and I having driven over 3,200 miles. I may do a final Westward Bound entry once we've scene the apartment my mom will be moving into.

Until later