Folks, folks, folks!!! I'm so sorry for the silent treatment, especially for those who've taken the time to comment on the podcast or various blog entries. I was on the road for basically all of April throughout the US and in London, but I'm back baby!!

I've cleared out the comment spam and approved various posts. I'll be responding over the next few days and working on a new podcast while I'm at it. BTW, if anyone has a secret to dealing with comment spam, hook a brotha up. I know one blog that forces you to preview your post, and somehow that limits spam, but I'm not sure how to set it up.

I've missed a lot of news and events over the past month, so bear with me as I get the gears turning again. I should be pretty geographically stable over the next month or so, and you know what that means... C-SPAN baby!! Awwww yeah.

Cya on the Internets!