My fifth podcast and first full episode from BookExpo. Features author and book profiles with Dr. Steven Farron, Fancy Pants Press, Orson Scott Card, William Dawson and Kevin Smokler. You can download the mp3 file or better yet, subscribe to my feed with a podcast aggregator like iPodder or, for Mac, a great one is iPodderX.


So this is the real debut of my BEA podcast coverage, and it's a showcase of a wide variety of authors and books I found on the exhibit hall floor. We bring you five interviews:

I hope you like it. There's more BookExpo in-depth coverage to come!

Field recordings were done on an iRiver IFP-795T with radio shack stereo lapel mic. Audio processing and mixdown courtesy of Soundtrack. Normalizing by Peak Express and MP3 conversion and tagging done by iTunes.

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and stay tuned for more!


You've been listening to BookExpo in 3-Part Harmony, Podcast Edition – part of a multimedia one-man coverage of the publishing industry’s’ largest get together during June in New York City. Check out the other parts of the series in written blog and flickr photo set.

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