"Why should anyone be homeless in a place like Boston?" That's the question my boy Derrick posted on his blog recently. The answer: because the curbs on Beacon Hill need replacing!

It's cause our priorities are all jacked up. I was walking through the Beacon Hill area midday today, right around Charles Street, and there was mad construction going on. What were they building? NOTHING.

They were digging up the curbs on the street corner and replacing them. I could understand if the old curbs weren't there at all, nothing but a gaping hole in the sidewalk tripping up old blue blooded ladies. I could get it if the curbs had somehow crumbled into minute, shards of super-sharp gravel, shredding the paws of massaged and groomed brahman poodles.

But none of this was the case. The only problem with the curbs I could see is that they were dirty, BUT THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS TO THE GROUND. IN FACT, THAT'S WHAT "GROUND" IS. DIRT!

For some reason, though, the city had spent mad loot on workers, equipment, street blocking permits, just to replace dirty curbs with clean ones.

That's one reason why people are homeless in a place like Boston.