At last night's Drinking Liberally, some folks and I got into a discussion of the loyalty that die hard right-wingers feel toward the Republican Party. It's like college football. No matter what the policies of the Right are, there are people who just feel loyal to the TEAM.

It's like the Red Sox for the longest time. They sucked, yet Boston loved them. Even if the Red Sox had invaded Iraq on trumped up charges, sabotaged the identity of a covert CIA operative and tried to destroy social security... even if the Yankees promised universal, free, high quality healthcare and good schools, Bostonians would scream "yankees suck" and would love the Red Sox.

So how do we counter that?

Clearly, arguing about the failed economic and foreign policies of the Sox doesn't mean a damn thing to the die-hard fan. So, I started thinking about how people switch up their sports allegiances.

Option 1. They're drawn to a new team.

Sometimes people gravitate toward another team because of some dramatic twist. Maybe that team just recruited a new star player out of high school. Or maybe the team had been losing forever and suddenly made the playoffs. Perhaps new ownership changed up the game, lowered ticket prices, and started running more aggressive plays to excite the crowd. Maybe the team just hired some smokin hot new cheerleaders!

Option 2. Betrayal

Another reason people switch up team loyalties is if they feel like their team has somehow betrayed them. What's the worst form of betrayal? It could be changing out some favorite coach or player, but nothing will get a city to turn on its team faster than if that team leaves the city. As a Brooklynite how he feels about the L.A. Dodgers, and you'll catch my meaning.

So that's the answer. We need to get some hot liberal cheerleaders, and move the Republicans to Canada.

Thanks for bringing up the topic, Mike!

see you guys at next week's DL-Cambridge.