Talk about college-type days. I have a crazy cool life. I get to do my comedy, writing, politics thing by working about half the year for the man doing consulting work. The pay is good, but it's irregular, so one day I get a check that seems big enough to buy a small immigrant family, but weeks later, like now, I have $58 in my bank account!

Being this broke sucks. I think I can blame Vegas for this time around. I went out there a few weeks ago for the Consumer Electronics Show thinking my consulting bosses had covered the hotel. Turns out they only paid the deposit, and I had to cover the TWO THOUSAND DOLLAR bill myself and request re-imbursement later. How is it that I don't even gamble, yet I still lost my shirt in Las Vegas? The house always wins right?

With $58, there's not much I can go out and do, and I am amazed at where money comes from when you really need it. Stuff like:

  1. Spare change! A few months back, I was able to get $60 bones from spare change. That's serious loot.
  2. Selling used CDs. I got about $30 last time I did this, but I have no more CDs to get rid of
  3. Walking! I'm like the captain of walking in Boston now. No matter the weather or temperature, I'm not giving up my cash to the MBTA. No no no.
  4. Gadget sales. I've been holding on to this iPod color photo for no good reason. Time to release it. I even have the car FM joint, a remote controlled set of earphones and a cool case. I have the new iPod, so why am I even holding on to that old joint? No more. Get ready!
  5. Eating in. In fact, staying in. I'm usually so wiped out when I roll home, that the idea of cooking is ridiculous, but not anymore. I just realized how much food I really have. Plus I have the Internet and bittorrent, so entertainment is plentify. It's like a camping trip

Today I found some old books I didn't want anymore and took them to the Harvard Book Store. They bought a few, and I made $6 whole dollars. Plus they owed me money for some books of mine they'd sold. I also found about 20 Susan B. Anthony dollar coins 

That's all for now. Now would be a good time for you to buy a copy of my book Money mouth

 - Broke Ass Baratunde