Update: "this dude" is named Todd, and he's cool with changing the name of his show. What a sweet fella. Please check out his podcast if only because I've been so lax on mine. I promise a podcast this week. Thanks for the inspiration, Todd. I owe ya. 

I just found out via google that this dude over at Crasymaker.com just started a podcast last week called Front Porch Podcast. I sent him a letter asking to change the name. We'll see how it goes down. Don't want to have to sick my non-existent law firm on him :) But I don't want folks to be too confused.

Here's the letter I sent:


hey dude,

I'm a comedian living in Boston, and I just wanted to let you know my comedy-ish podcast is called the Front Porch Podcast too. I started it about a year ago though slowed production lately due to my mom passing.

Anyway, I'm not sure how tied you are to the name, but thought it might make things less confusing for both of us if you used another name. I'm already listed in all the major podcast directories (iTunes, ODEO, podcastalley, etc) with that name, plus the domain name frontporchpodcast.com. If you do a Google search on "Front Porch Podcast" you'll see me all over the place, and so would listeners looking for you

you can check it out on my blog www.goodCRIMETHINK.com

let me know what you think.

later, and happy new year (a bit late)