Finally, podcast #7. I've missed you guys! Features a discussion of my mom's passing, an interview with my friend Joel Pollak, head speechwriter for the opposition party in S. Africa and a promo for some upcoming live shows of mine in Cambridge and NYC! Ways to get the show: subscribe via iTunes, download the mp3 file or subscribe to my feed with a podcast aggregator like iPodder or, for Mac, a great one is iPodderX.


Three main items:

  • My mom passed on October 12, and that's one of the reasons the podcast has been so behind schedule. Check out the memorial blog my sister and I built at

  • My friend, Joel Pollak, is the head speechwriter for the opposition party in South Africa. I interviewed him during his trip to the States in December at the Cambridge 1 restaurant in Harvard Square. Hear his take on the current state of S. African and U.S. politics

  • On Friday, Feb 3, I'll be doing another joint show with singer/songwriter Mieka Pauley at Club Passim. We sold this show out last year! Podcast includes her track, "First Stone."

  • On Saturday, Feb 4, I'll be performing standup in NYC at the debut for Laughing Liberally. The show is at Town Hall, and tickets are available!

  • finally, I share some audio I recorded from my mom's cross country drive in March of 2005, with more to come in future podcasts.

Intro theme music is "Diplo Rhythm" by DJ Diplo of The Hollertronix. Grab the track on iTunes now!

Field recordings were done on an M-Audio Microtrack 24/96. Audio recording and processing courtesy of Audio Hijack Pro. Normalizing by Peak Express and MP3 conversion and tagging done by iTunes.

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and stay tuned for more!