ziploc BODY bags!, originally uploaded by baratunde.

Back in May, I took this photo of a Ziploc ad, making fun of the size and calling it a Ziploc "BODY bag." in my Flickr posting

A few days ago, the photo received this comment from user: "mrbag_de."

Read Matthew 7! Don't pick motes of everybody else's eyes!

US product liability cour decisions have reagarded every US citisen as having no horse sense, being thus absolutely incapable of doing business, thus any US administration is illegal because any US election is void!

What does that even mean???

So I decided to check out the photos of "mrbag_de" to see if I can learn more about this nonsensical person.

Here's what I found.

Now, I'm scared, and I'm only posting this blog so that more people know what sort of freaky ish happens to me. I need witnesses when I disappear. I defy you to click that link and not have nightmares.