predator facial systemHere's the easy joke I wrote: "Dick Cheney shot a longtime Republican friend in the face this weekend. Imagine what he would do to a Democrat." But there's way more interesting stuff to say. Read on brothas and sistas. Read on!

As if there were any doubt in the world that this is the most gangsta administration ever, Dick Cheney went and upped the ante, yall. Dubya has proved himself a rough rider time and time again. He proudly spies on Americans, tortures prisoners and says the reason we went to war (WMD) wasn't really that important after all. That's some gangsta ish.

But Dick Cheney's like, "Great, Dubya, so you violate international treaties. La deee da. N-gga I shoot my own friends!!! In the face!!!"

I swear even Stringer Bell would stay away from these fools. (that's a reference from the best show ever on television ever for those who don't know)

The story doesn't end here though. Here are some nifty observations about VP Slaughter's "accident."


They didn't tell the press until the next day that the incident had happened. How you gonna shoot somebody and not tell until the next day. That's some gangsta ish.


I got a text message from my boy CNN yesterday, and they purposefully let you think Cheney got shot. Here's what it said: "Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot and injured a man during a hunting trip in"

I stopped reading after "shot," and I was thinking, "Why would you accidentally shoot Cheney?" If Cheney gets shot, that's gonna be some premeditated stuff. Trust me. (note to not-so-secret NSA data gathering probe. yes this was a MILD VP assasination joke, but only mild and only a joke. Please move on to another blogger now, thank you)


I was browsing online today and came across this new development.

predator facial system

Predator Facial Armor System Protects Against IEDs

I couldn't help but think that Dick Cheney's hunting buddies might want to order up a batch of these too.