One year podiversary! Also: fun with eBay; Dick Cheney shoots his boy in the face; continued interview with Joel Pollak of South Africa. Ways to get the show: subscribe via iTunes, download the mp3 file or subscribe to my feed.


Main items:

  • Show opens with a MoJo (momentary joke)

  • It's my fourth podcast in four weeks, and the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY overall

  • Bad week for the Republicans (i.e. Cheney blasts his boy in de face!)

  • Continuation of interview with Joel Pollak on S. African politics and American cultural influence

Intro theme music is "Diplo Rhythm" by DJ Diplo of The Hollertronix. Grab the track on iTunes now!

Outro theme music is "Pain & Poverty" by Ivan of Narcoleptic Records. Check out his MySpace profile.

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and stay tuned for more next week (probably)!