Back in 2004 I met Maureen Dowd and asked her out on national television. (OK, it was C-SPAN, but technically...). Today I am reminded why that was the right decision. Her column on the United Arab Emirates port deal was on point.

This was my take in a MoJo:

President George W. Bush said on Tuesday that a deal for a state-owned Dubai company to manage major U.S. ports should go forward and will not jeopardize U.S. security, adding "The war in Iraq has already done that." 

Here's an excerpt of Dowd's column today:

Mr. Bush is hoist on his own petard. For four years, the White House has accused anyone in Congress or the press who defended civil liberties or questioned anything about the Iraq war of being soft on terrorism. Now, as Congress and the press turn that accusation back on the White House, Mr. Bush acts mystified by the orgy of xenophobia.

Lawmakers, many up for re-election, have learned well from Karl Rove. Playing the terror card works.

Get him Maureen!!

BTW, I'm in NYC this weekend. We still on for lunch at Serafina? Great.