Episode #011: Listener comments, Google in China, prostitutes and GTA, cursing out SprintPCS, Harvard prez bounces and new podsafe music. Ways to get the show: subscribe via iTunes, download the mp3 file or subscribe to my feed.


Main items:

  • Show opens with a MoJo (momentary joke) & endorsement by Orson Scott Card

  • Sharing user feedback

  • Rant against the police

  • Google in China and Congressional hypocrisy

  • Diggnation gets it wrong about prostitutes opposed to Grand Theft Auto

  • Podsafe Music from Atomica (One Day in New York City)

  • Continuing the story of my mom's passing and why I cursed out SprintPCS

  • Podsafe music from J-Laa (Opposing Terrorism)

  • Bonus track: Harvard Prez Larry Summers is out!

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and stay tuned for more next week (probably)!