I'm not carrying my laptop around, so I can't post on the fly and haven't installed the plugin which lets me email them in. That means I have more time to pay attention though. Sunday made the whole trip worth it.

Quick rundown cause I got a bus to catch.

 Started off the day in a panel called "Respect Your Elder Blogger" presented by Ronnie Bennett. This was one of my top panels of the whole conference so far. They got into the demographic change in the US (aging) and how tech development and especially design was ignoring elders. Ronnie spoke about how blogging was really good for elders in keeping their minds active and providing them with a new network of conversation and friends. The panel resonated so much with me because my mom was a huge Internet fan, podcasting junkie, and I think she would have made a great blogger had she been around longer

 Swung through a panel of teens talking about how they use technology

Missed out on HENRY ROLLINS'S AWESOME SPEECH because I decided to talk to people, but in the meantime, my friend Marc Scheff hooked me up with a store at goodstorm and helped design an awesome t-shirt that I hope yall will buy. 

Went to another superdopefly presentation about RFID and ubiquitous computing called "Everyware" run by the author of that new book. Get it. (will provide links later, I REALLY need to catch this bus).

Topped off the panels with "Blogging While Black, Revisited." The most fun panel so far and it was good to mingle with fellow members of the blackosphere. I even got myself interviewed on Geek Entertainment Television

Evening culminated in The Fray Cafe, a night of story telling. I told stories about "why my mom was great" and closed with the blog piece I wrote the night she passed. I ended in tears and so did many in the audience.


aight den. i'll be late if I don't go RIGHT NOW.