Today I left Austin, TX on my long journey home to Boston. It can't be a simple flight because my life isn't simple. The return requires a stop in San Antonio and then New York and then I rush to a radio interview in Boston Wednesday evening. Anyway, I was driving South on 1-35 in my rental car (BTW in Texas, "Intermediate Sedan" means "GiNormous Ford F-five-billion pickup truck" when you translate it into Chicken Fried English), and I turned on AM radio.

I couldn't find any Air America, so I settled on my other diverse and competitive local radio choices: conservative political talk or conservative religious talk. Thank you, relaxed FCC media ownership rules!

I stumbled across a call-in segment where a man was explaining how Muslims actually worked on behalf of the devil. The host, a minister, agreed then took the next caller. This guy began to recall his earlier years when he worked in a gun store in San Antonio and remembers selling guns to Palestinians. The host reigned him in: "Sir, please get to your point. I don't like when people launch into vague stories like this." I was hopeful.

So the caller got to his point: "I think these Palestinians need a lot of help. They're consorting with the devil--"

And the host/minister jumps in: "Now wait a minute sir. Please don't paint them all with a broad brush like that. It isn't fair."

I was so impressed. This dude was gonna make sure the caller didn't judge all Palestinians for the actions of a few.

He continued. "It isn't fair to judge them all. Some Palestinians are Christrian! And we need to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ to make sure they maintain their strength and don't succumb to the pressures of their culture or evil religion surrounding them."