A friend just sent me to a Washington Post article explaining one of Chappelle's funny new jokes. Thing is, I wrote something better two years ago!

From the article:
Chappelle has another bit in his routine that shows flashes of what made "Chappelle's Show" so jaw-droppingly raw. Commenting on the movie "The Passion of the Christ," he notes that the actor who portrayed Jesus was struck twice by lightning during filming. This suggests one of two things, he says: a) that God is smiting those who would create graven images of His prophets, or b) "The Jews have a weather machine."

On Feb 27, 2004 I wrote the following MoJo as documented in my NewsPhlash newsletter that day:
During the filming of Mel Gibson's "Passion" people on the set were struck by lightning three times. In related news, Jews own the lightning machine.

And I later revised it longer to the following:
During the filming of the Passion of the Christ, three people on the set were actually struck by lightning! Some people see this as a sign that God didn't want his son's story told in that particular way. I see it differently. I see it as a sign that Jews also control... the lightning machine.

Oops, pow SURPRISE!

Thanks Chappell for validating my comedy career! The fact that I can't use that joke again is a small price to pay for your flattery.

UPDATE March 9: My most recent podcast has audio proof!!!