I am so failing at meeting my blog goals, so I'm going to set them out here for all the world to see. I'm going to post something a least once a day. It might not be all that brilliant, but it won't completely suck goat nostrils either.

In that spirit, let me announce a few cool updates.

1) Notice my new wider page formatting? I made the center column wider because my blog posts have wide booties. Now you KNOW this blog is by a black person (as if the photo didn't give it away)

2) I've got t-shirts for sale. Thanks to the good people of goodstorm and an inspired conversation at SXSW Interactive, I'm proud to present "Viva la Evolution." Support me, punks, and buy this thing.

3) I've got a much cleaner books page over at my main website thanks to my talented webmaster / girlfriend. (Sorry geeks, she's all mine).

Ok, so I've technically satisfied my daily posting mandate. I'll see if I can't throw up something a bit more meaningful though. I'm backlogged on writing up both the SMT Conference I attended last weekend and the Dane Cook show I saw at the Boston Garden this past Saturday night.

In the meantime. Peace, blog. Peace.