Episode #015: Interview with former Air Force officer about defense contractors and more, new MoJos, t-shirts for sale, music from The Foundation Movement, plus other stuff. Ways to get the show: subscribe via iTunes, download the mp3 file or subscribe to my feed.


Main items:

  • Intro music by Diplo.

  • New Momentary Jokes (mojos)

  • Listener feedback, including from Bakari

  • New t-shirts available and other Baratunde news

  • Quickies on race in America, the SMT Conference and the future of Africa

  • FEATURED INTERVIEW: "Steve" former Air Force defense acquisitions specialist discusses the Military Industrial Complex, being a liberal in the US military, value of civilian military control, military culture, and the growing and dangerous influence of defense contractors

  • Another blog reader posted this link to an article about growing dissent in the conservative military; means something is very wrong

  • Music from The Foundation Movement ("Let's Move"), a tight authentic hip hop group out of Boston and really from around the world!!

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and stay tuned for more next week (probably)!

Special followup on "Steve's" point of how to get involved and stop the contractor takeover of America.

Write your congress person.

Know the facts.

But how and where? Do you have suggestions? Leave in the comments section!