photo from m.a.x. via Flickr

I have this section on the bottom left column of my blog front page called "Internet Shoutouts." For those down with the blogging lingo, it's my blogroll: made up mostly of people I know and entirely of blogs I think are interesting. On a somewhat regular basis, I'm gonna go through their posts and pull out some interesting ones my readers might dig. Here's Round One.

  • Bakari over at forward-ever shows off a cool self-portrait and reminds us that Cosby is still hating on black people:

    P.S. Just read that daddy Cosby is on a chastising camapaign again. This time it's about the irresponsible Black folks of New Orealans. If they weren't committing crimes, having a bunch of babies, and giving their kids silly names, Katrina wouldn't have hit them so hard.

  • Fellow Boston comedian Rev. Tim McIntire offers a warning to stay away from the Mexican food at local shop, Fajitas & Ritas. I've actually eaten there, but it's a lot harder to after several weeks in Texas:

    It was like eating food that had been marinated in a distillate of an accounting firm's budget committee meeting.
    The sangria doesn't even have WINE in it. I think it was vodka they stole from a homeless guy and Sharkleberry Fin kool-aid.

    I love this guy.

  • homeysita, academic powerhouse and somehow-managed-to-come-across-good-on-the-O'Reilly-Factor Ms. danah boyd discusses the conservative opposition to health insurance covering birth control:

    When i talk to my friends working in sex ed, i get so upset. All of this abstinence bullshit has resulted in an increase in STDs, a dramatic lack of knowledge about sexual health and pregnancy, and a silencing of problems. Based on what i've heard, my guess is also that fewer girls are reporting rapes.

  • finally, for today, Liza Sabater likes Sen. Clinton's proposed bill to link Congressional pay increases to increases in the minimum wage. Clinton got the idea from someone else, but that's still pretty hot:

    Mostly I feel she is an adequate Senator. Not a leader, but an adequate legislator who votes the right way in the vast majority of cases. But sometimes I actually think she actually has some real ideas. Or at least knows a good idea when it is tossed to her.