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I'll be blogging about BookExpo America (BEA) throughout my visit to DC, but won't have any updates during the day because of the WHORISHLY EXPENSIVE WI-FI

this panel:
Premium Publishing in a Web 2.0 World: Finding Paths to Profitability via Merging Media Channels

presented by Shore Communications, I think.

verdict: booooring, mostly

main points:

  • discussion of various web 2.0 technologies like wikis, blogs, RSS, mashups, been there and done that
  • customers are willing to spend more for edge or niche content than mainstream stuff
  • evolution of the publishing industry

How to make money

  • concentrate on contextualization, not content
  • develop talent and help it grow. use web as a "farm" system

What is a web 2.0 book

  • original works of authorship that gain value over time
  • packages as specific users demand it
  • sourced from one or more multiple contributors and media
  • easily transferred from one personal device to another
  • easily upgraded and archived

I can't even remember the rest. I used this session to plan the rest of my day

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