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UPDATE 3:46pm
My friend Uche works at the Apple store and told me it would be better to ship back for a replacement rather than take it to the store. I just got off the phone with Apple, and they're emailing me the shipping labels. Once they see that it's been picked up by FedEx, they'll send my new unit out.

I asked him, what's the wait like for these Black MacBooks now? He said, replacements are prioritized above all other orders. My man! That's tight. Will keep yall posted.

peep the shitty screen.

not only do they need to replace this, but they need to COMPENSATE ME for the time out of my life this is taking.

why do companies hide their damn PHONE numbers on their websites???

anyway, not sure i can take this to the Apple Store since it was a mail order machine with a 120GB drive with 2GB of RAM.

the tech gods continue to hate me. i don't have time for this. if anyone knows of an intern that's free, holla.

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