(photo by Todd Klassy via Flickr)

There's a battle brewing in Internet politics over the concept of "network neutrality." Some broadband companies want to be able to charge content companies (like Google, Apple) for faster delivery of their service. Many folks fear that this will undermine the Internet, kill innovation and other nasty things. What I think doesn't really matter. I'm writing this post because of something I read.

Today a democrat in the US House (Ed Markey from Mass.) introduced a bill to preserve "net neutrality" by preventing the network companies from this extra charging system. I was reading about the news on Digg.com, and a Republican commenter said this:
"I'm a Republican and despite the fact this has been submitted by a Democrat, I still support the bill."

Someone then reacted like this:
"How can anyone still be a republican? Are you a corporation?"

Ha ha! Good one!