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Stephen Colbert did a great thing last week when he called out John McCain on his change of heart regarding Jerry Falwell and the "Reigious Right." Much has been made of the fact that McCain called Falwell an "agent of intolerance" in 2000 but spoke at Falwell's university recently

However, back in March of 2000, I not only cited McCain's more agressive dis, but I documented his flip flop even then. Check it out:

(originally posted in NewsPhlash on March 3, 2000)

McCain "Punks Up" for Bauer

John McCain made waves earlier this week when he referred to hate-mongering Christian conservative types as the "forces of evil" that they are. Wednesday, he was crushed by those waves as he rescinded his comments and apologized in order to placate Gary Bauer.

Who the hell is Gary Bauer? Good question, readers. He is what we in the parody business refer to as "a nobody." You'll probably not recall that he ran for president, threw in the towel and endorsed McCain.

After McCain's comments about the Religious Wrong, Bauer (who loves to play "Pin the head on the Coon") with these goons, demanded an apology. McCain, the upright Republican soldier that he really is, followed orders like a good prisoner of political warfare. In laymen's terms, he was punked!

Way to lead Senator! Is this how you were in Vietnam with those gooks?? No wonder you were a friggin prisoner!

This brings me to the larger issue of these military men seemingly losing their cajones once they've left the field. I've already hated on Colin Powell for talking meaningless smack out of office that he should have been using in office. John Kerry was another example -- a war hero that wouldn't even fight for the job of president when people accused him of being a coward and when his own Church turned against him (see my Nov 4, 2004 analysis which really set off this blog).