MySpace overtakes Google as my #1 referring site
click on photo for larger chart view

So I was just checking out me webstats and noticed that, for the first time, Google isn't my number one referring site. It's friggin MySpace!!!!!

Here's a breakdown of the top 16 sites that refer visitors to me

  1. MySpace: I'm assuming it's my profile there
  2. Google: search results (btw, the #17 ranked term that lands people at my page is "assssss")
  3. SPAM: various spam bastard robots whose operators should be tarred and feathered or hit up with that Abu Graib treatment
  4. SurveyMonkey: I use them to operate a poll for people downloading my free book
  5. MacJams: I have no idea why I was on this site
  6. downhillbattle: website dedicated to the destruction of the existing horrible music industry. They still send a lot of traffic for this analysis I did YEARS ago on the price fixing settlement from the labels
  7. The Comedy Studio: my home comedy club, one of the best in the nation
  8. Singing Fish: they have some episodes of my podcast
  9. MSN: Microsoft search
  10. The BIfurcated Rivets link blog which posted a link to my first MoJo Quarterly
  11. Yahoo: the other search company
  12. dailykos: most popular political blog online; links are probably due to some of my diary posts there
  13. Blogwise: no idea
  14. webqtdesign: my web designer
  15. feedburner: they host my subscription feeds for this blog and the podcast
  16. amazing singer/songwriter

How did you find my site? hollaback in the comments!