Yo there NewsPhlashinistas.

Here's the deal.

RETURN TO NYC this Wednesday May 10 with some new jokes

Laughing Liberally Lab

45th Street Theatre (b/w 8th & 9th)
$10. reserve if you want at 212-967-7079 x210

Bob Smith
Dean Obeidallah (Air America Radio)
Benari Poulten
and ME!


I was recently on Christopher Lydon's public radio show / podcast "Open Source" talking about modern racism in America. You can listen to the show online or download the mp3. I'd love to hear your comments on the subject too!

The Boston Herald put my pic on the front page. I haven't scanned it in yet, but I'ma bum this image off fellow comic Elisha Yaffe cuz I'm straight up blog gangsta.

G21.net Magazine has a featured interview with me that is pretty cool even though my name is misspelled in various ways :)

my Front Porch Podcast was reviewed positively on Bostonist.com


I've been blogging it up a LOT lately. So many of these emails bounce it's ridiculous, so check these out and visit the blog often if you miss your Baratunde

- Why is Colin Powell still talking #$@!???

- I called McCain on his B.S. SIX YEARS AGO!

- If you could send a message to the driver behind you, what would you say?

- Ann Coulter is such an illiterate skank

- Me. Public Radio. Monday Apr 24. Racism In America.


I'm playing Vegas June 8 - 11 with a few other acts from Laughing Liberally. We'll be hitting up the Young Dems national convention and the YearlyKos convention.

I'm performing at my DC high school on May 22nd. If anyone wants to meetup while I'm in town for BookExpo, holla!

How can you get involved?

- Buy some of my cool "Viva La Evolution" t-shirts
- Campaign to bring me to your city
- Read the blog and post comments
- If you're on MySpace, be my stupid MySpace friend

that's it people!
cya in NYC. ALL OF YOU!