Yo people,

Sorry I've been so out of touch, but with no intern, it's hard to keep up with everybody. The blog is WAY more up to date than this email, so visit www.baratunde.com/blog for more timely goodness on the regular.

For example, you wouldn't have missed my recent post titled, "I hope Rick Santorum gets AIDS." Visit the blog to see the rest.

Most importantly, I'm off to Chicago for most of the summer, studying improv comedy in that great city with the folks at the Improv Olympic.

But like a good movie burglar, I've got one last, big gig before I bid farewell.



This week.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at 7:30pm @ Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway Theatre

255 Elm Street, Davis Sq, Somerville MA (next to the Burren)

I will be on all these shows.

visit www.baratunde.com for more info.


Prices range from $11 to $30 depending on if you're a student, show up on Thursday or have only one testicle.

I've performed with Laughing Liberally on Broadway in NYC and in Vegas this past weekend, both for about 1,500 people. I called General Wesley Clark a short, tiny, adorable general TO HIS FACE on C-SPAN. Ambassador Joe Wilson (the one whose CIA wife was outed by the cowards in the White House) thinks I'm hilarious. The show also hit up LA last weekend for over 1,000 people.

These Boston shows will feature incredible comics from New York City, including Julie Goldman, Dean Obeidallah & Scott Blakeman -- folks from Saturday Night Live, Comedy Central and many other places I only get to visit on my TiVo.

I'm serious. If you've been wanting to see me perform, THIS IS THE SHOW. I'll be doing about 15 minutes on each show, and have a lot of new material.

There are several other shows in the series I'm not doing, because liberals hate black people. See www.jtoffbroadway.com for more info, and go to those if you can't make mine, you racists.

That's about all.

Come to the show. Seriously. You'll regret it. Notice how the ticket prices to my shows keep going up. At this rate, it will cost you $500 to see me next year. Save money. Do it now!!!

Vegas was hot. Check the blog for more updates than that.



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