Many of you know that I can't stand Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman. He's Bush's favorite Democrat, and that is the worst compliment a man can get. Anyway, a guy named Ned Lamont is running against Liebs, especially on the issue of Joe's insane support for the Iraq war. In the beginning, people didn't know Lamont. Lieberman scoffed at him. Then Lamont did well in a Democratic caucus (I think that's what it's called). Then the polls showed Lamont only 15 points behind, and Lieberman said he'd run as an independent if he lost the August 8th primary.

Now, Lamont is polling 10 POINTS AHEAD in the primary poll, and he's tied in the general election. What good news for democracy. Get the losers out. Lieberman is the mascot of the kowtowing Dem that decided to abandon his duty to oversee the president's actions and instead place his lips firmly between Dubya's nasty buttocks.

Good riddance. If you live in Connecticut, vote, vote and vote.