I'm super behind on posting from Chicago. Sorry about that kids. Classes are going great, but I've had to focus on some business stuff including taxes, booking and other ish. I will post my notes from Week 3 at the iO soon, but in the meantime, here are some mojos with your names written all over them!

A US study has found that one in eight babies are born premature. While this has caused concern in the medical community, parents are happy their kids want to move out sooner.

Rescuers in thailand helped a 50 year old elephant which had been stuck on its side since falling a week ago. "We had hoped Star Jones would land on her feet, but we can't say we're surprised," said an ABC spokesperson.

A study finds that one in four Southern states' residents will ignore government evactuation orders. The top reasons given:

1) they believed their houses were well built;

2) the roads would be too crowded;

3) they planned to steal their neighbor's shit

Following a close and still undecided election, supporters of Mexico's liberal presidential candidate, Manuel Lopez Obrador, brought rush-hour traffic to a crawl Monday, with tens of thousands descending on the city's central plaza for his speech and shouting threats at reporters, alleging they were biased against their candidate. Note to Democrats in america: this is known as "fighting."

Israel's prime minister declared Monday there would be no cease-fire with Hezbollah guerrillas, saying "we will not give up on our goal to live a life free of terror." This would make Israel the first nation to successfully defeat terrorism while creating more terrorists.

Mel Gibson was arrested for drunk driving and admits to making anti-semitic remarks and threatening a deputy. So that's what Jesus would do!