yo all, please pass along.

A good friend of mine is doing some pioneering psychological research and needs black men aged 18-30 in Boston to participate.

details below.

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>We are currently running a study that involves one ~90 minute

>scanning session at the Biomedical Imaging Center at the MGH/

>Charlestown. We can pay for your transport there and back (or

>parking at the MGH) and we also pay 50 dollars for your

>participation (and give you a picture of your brain)! The

>experimental task requires participants to look at brief video

>clips- we are interested in getting a better understanding of how we

>process such simple clips. Participants view about 15 minutes worth

>of clips and have to make some simple decision on the basis of what

>they've seen- mainly to make sure that they pay attention to what is

>shown. We typically spend another 25 minutes taking high resolution

>anatomical scans.

>The current study is almost completed and we are looking in

>particular for African-American young men. If you think you are

>interested in taking part in our study, I would also like to ask you

>some general demographic questions and a number of very specific

>health related questions to ensure your safety in the scanner and

>the interpretability of our data.


>You must be between 18-30, Black, and male.


>Because we are working with a big magnet, we also require that you


>Have no history of head trauma

>Not have any metal or electronic devices in their bodies

>Not be claustrophobic

>Not be on psychoactive medication (e.g. antidepressants, anxiolytics)

>Not have a history of substance abuse (any psychoactive substance)


>I apolgize for this long list and look forward to hearing from you!

>To sign up, or if you have any other questions feel free to contact

>Anette Schmid (617-627-4557) or Negin Toosi (773-793-1808).