Wadup NewsPhlasherinos, Blog Readers and MySpace Junkies. So much has been happening and I have so little time to chat right now. Here's a quickie rundown of my time in Chicago, return to standup and the status of my media empire. Yes. Empire. Bow your heads!!


I spent five weeks this summer studying at the renowned Improv Olympic in Chicago. It was intense. It was strange. It was fun. It was hard! I've been blogging my daily notes over at my blog, GoodCRIMETHINK. Read from the bottom to the top for the full experience. I'll have finished up all the notes within the next few days.


I did one lil open mic in Chicago for about five people. Woohoo! Now that I'm back, there's a lot going on. It will be strange transitioning from improv back to standup. I'll either have brilliant new takes on my material, or I'll have lost all competency. Check out some of these shows in the near future


Tonight, August 28th

Laughing Liberally Returns to NYC

at the 45th Street Theatre in Manhattan

8pm. Tickets $15-30

featuring ME, Dean Obeidallah, Julie Goldman, Scott Blakeman and Lee Camp

Tuesday, August 29th

I return to my co-hosting duties at Drinking Liberally

This is a social, political drinking event No standup but lotsa comedy


at Middlesex Lounge, 315 Mass Ave, Cambridge

starts at 7pm

Friday, September 1

Cutting Edge at the Campfire

at Club Passim in Harvard Sq. Cambridge

8:30pm, $15

Friday September 1

Comedy at Ten

at Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway

Somerville, Mass.

10pm, $5 I think.

Saturday, September 2

Private house party in Philly

(sorry, if you didn't get the invite by now, you're not invited!

but I will perform at your private party if the price/crowd is right)

September 7


at The Improv Asylum in Boston

I do standup, and improvisors improvise based on my words

Further down the line we've got

  • Me hosting a political debate for a seat in the Massachusetts legislature (sep 28)

  • MC for the Harvard Black Alumni Weekend (sep 30)

  • Way more shows all over NYC and Boston

  • Performer in the NYC Underground Comedy Festival (sept 8 -16)

  • Online TV appearances and possible show courtesy of the Sweet Mother Project

  • Another showcase for Comedy Central (sept 17)!!!


as always, see my official gig calendar or MySpace profile for full show details



Ok, so I now have 698 MySpace friends versus about 500 of you on the NewsPhlash email list. Because of the sons of Nigerian dictators and Viagr0, email is becoming less and less effective. You've probably noticed I hardly use my email list. Here's wasup.

  • The blog is my most active place right now. I try to post daily and have a huge backlog of Chicago notes in the queue

  • Much as I still hate MySpace, the thing is effective. I eventually cross-post most blogs there and send out bulletins to hype special shows and projects. I also have some videos up there that aren't even on my main website. Wha??

  • The podcast has been on hiatus since May. This keeps happening. I'll keep it up, but the podcast will be more like TV shows, with seasons. There's just no way I can keep up a weekly radio show with everything else that's happening. Stay tuned for Season 3 of the Front Porch Podcast to start within the next few weeks

  • YouTube is being kept pretty fresh with video of standup posted regularly

  • I post mad photos to my public Flickr photo account

  • My main website remains the hub of most of this activity

  • Last is the NewsPhlash email list for reasons I've already explained

Aight mi gente. That's all for now. That's for supportin, and remember, if the FBI asks you about me, you don't know jack sh*t!!!!