I don't have a lot of notes from this day, which means I was busy improvising! Here's what I jotted down, though.

We started again with the pattern-passing game and got a little better. Our group, having gelled a bit and being comfortable with each other, has now gotten to the point where we're easily distracted, giggly and really annoying sometimes! I think it cut into our productivity a bit but tried not to let it really upset me for real.

We did rounds of emotional scenes where we "yes, and" our scene partners emotion. This led to lots of laughing, crying, jumping up and down. I played in one scene with Leanne and we both nearly ended up crying. I can't even remember if that scene happened on day 10, but now is a good place to talk about it.

We were given the following info going into the scene:

  • Leanne and I were a couple

  • She just had an abortion the night before without telling me

This scene really shook me the hell up, and it wasn't funny at all, but it was really powerful. I think we were acting!

The point of all this: "Be multimedia improvisors." Wise words from Bill explaining to us that we have a wide range with which to work in a scene or show overall, and we should use it. For anyone in Chicago, he recommended seeing Deep Schwa on Sunday nights at 8:30 for quality emotional work.

On arguing in a scene, Bill forced us to find a way to lose the argument without giving in. "It's not about the object of the argument. It's about the relationship."

I don't think they can say that enough.