So I just got a call from the head of the NY Underground Comedy Fest, and my second show tonight (a 9/11 fundraiser) has been cancelled due to people's unwillingess to go out. That's right. The terrorists have won. This morning, my birthday btw, I turned on Fox News for three hours (you know, to get the celebratory mood going early).

Donald Rumsfeld somehow fixed his face to say that "the terrorists want to change the American way of life. well not on our watch!" Really? Because it's my understanding that the American way of life includes seeing comedy shows, traveling with toothpaste and living with the assumption that the government isn't eavesdropping on our phone calls. Seeing as all that isn't true, seems to me the terrorists are doing pretty damn good.

Consolation prize for my NYC fans.

I'm performing at 7:30pm in the Next Wave show at Gotham Comedy Club
208 W 23rd St

i get FIVE COMP tickets, so you only have to cover the two drink minimum.

get at me on my cell phone if you have the number
or comment on this post.

I'll be checking for the next hour or so at least