For those of you who haven't seen the joke, it's true. I was born on 9/11:

That gives you all several hours to work out a gift for me. I'm thinking an end to the Global Islamofascists is in order, huh?! No really, this is your NewsPhlash for the week.


gifts. simple. gifts. Not to me. No, here's how it works. On 9/11, I want you to get someone else a gift. How does that help me? Because you're going to get them one of my t-shirts! Check out my increasing selection at

and now for the news...


I missed the deadline for the Boston Comedy Festival. How lame is that? My own town's comedy fest is going on right now, and I won't be performing. Well, it's all good because I have no less that five gigs in the Big Apple this upcoming week as part of the New York Underground Comedy Festival, including two on my birthday yall! What a way to celebrate. Check em out, and roll out to support your boy!

Sunday September 10th

Comedy Fights Cancer

at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

4pm, for patients

Monday September 11th

The Next Wave Show

Gotham Comedy Club

7:30pm, $10 + 2 drinks

A Tribute to NYC's Bravest (9/11 Charity)

The Laugh Lounge

9pm, $10 + 2 drinks

I may be in the mood to gather with folks somewhere and celebrate. holla if you wanna kick it on the lower east side near the Laugh Lounge!!

Tuesday September 12th

I am not performing on Tuesday, but my good friend and fellow Boston comic Myq Kaplan is auditioning for Letterman. You should see the show. Myq is great and I'm sure the other comics are too. 10pm, Gotham Comedy Club. See Myq's site for more details

Thursday September 14th

The Next Wave

Gotham Comedy Club downstairs Vintage Lounge

6:30pm, $10 + 2 drinks

Saturday September 16th

(ok it's really eeeearly sunday morning, but that's sat night)

The Pajama Show, with the ladies of HotBox Comedy

yes, i perform in my pajamas with hot ladies.

The New York Improv