A few months back, I posted the story of my incredible exchange with an MBTA bus driver. I took it down because I was involved in some legal and law enforcement actions, but that's all over now, and my column in the Weekly Dig will feature the bus driver story.

For something that was up for so short a time, it was one of the most popular pieces i've ever posted. I can't wait for yall to see how it turned out. Stay tuned for next wednesday!

Also, I've been racing to release a new version of the MoJo Quarterly, which is now the MoJo Journal because quarterly releases just don't work because I have no time. Like last year, this book will feature some best-of writing from 2006 plus I've added photos this year. It's the photos which are causing a headache in the release. Right now, the PDF is 16MB, and I can't ask yall to do that.

It'll take me a few days to re-format the images, and then I'll post the book. I'll also be selling hard copies for the exploitative price of $1.00 each. The title: "Thank You Congressional Pages (for being so damn sexy)"

hooray for me.

For yall in Boston, I'm performing on Erin Judge's show at The Comedy Studio this Sunday night. Should have some new stuff for you.