Yo folks, i've slipped on my daily posting goal. Sorry!

So it's a day today, and this is a post technically. What to talk about?

The State of the Union merits a few words.

I watched it with about 40 other people from Drinking Liberally Boston and took a sip of wine every time he mentioned 9/11, nukular, terror and other buzzwords. That part was fun.

I was annoyed by his reference to "the Democrat majority." The word is "democratic," you ass. That is so irksome! Apparently, it's a new conservative tactic to annoy Democrats. That is so damn childish. So I've decided to refer to Republicans as the Upblic Party. See how stupid that is? Let's move on.

The president pushed for what sounds like No Child Left Behind II: Picking Up Those We Left Behind.

He continued his obsession with wood chips and grasses as a source of energy. At least he didn't bring back the animal-human hybrids. I'm sure Toyota is working on that though.

He also proposed the creation of some sort of civilian reserve corp. I think we had one of those. It was called the National Guard before you destroyed it.

Finally, he acknowledged global "climate change." That's one small step for mankind. One giant leap for Dubya.