"They may not be quality, but they will be."

- Baratunde on his blog postings

I woke up today, as I have everyday for the past 29 years. I turned on the radio. The announcer said it was 3 degrees. THREE. "but it feels like 10 below." I'm sure i would not have been able to tell the difference. What a painful reassertion by the winter season. How do the eskimos do it? I certainly do not trust them or people in Canada for that matter. Like man-dog love, it ain't natural, I tell ya.

In other personal news, my decision to remove my wallet from the ranks of early technology adoption is holding firm. A friend today asked me if I was gonna get the new Apple TV box. I have no desire. I can just plug my laptop into the TV with a DVI cable. Cost of Apple TV: $300. Cost of DVI cable: $20. Next?

Oh, and I hate everybody. The IRS, Avis car rentals and the Fast Lane toll people of Massachusetts. Anyone that sends me paper mail demanding money for "violations" or "damage" or "past due payments" really just needs to step off for a while. It's too cold for that mess right now. Hit me up in the springtime yall.

Just checked the weather. It's 9 degrees.