Stomp the Drumline

I was in Columbus, Ohio recently and dropped in on a wine tasting randomly. I ended up buying a bottle of this joint called "The Turk," and it is hot! The Turk is what's up yall.

I'm feeling nice on my Turk tip right now and thought I'd freeform about the movie Stomp the Yard. I just caught it today, and gotta say I really dug it. Any movie that has ridiculous dance moves gets me to the theatre, Rize being the all time crown-bearer (I'm pretty sure Ms. Priss had a scene in Stomp..). I mean, I'm a pretty good dancer, but there are some sick moves in this flic.

I heard an NPR interview with a woman involved with the movie about a week ago. I can't remember if she was the writer or what, but she and the interviewer made a little mistake which has been bugging me. They were talking about how Stomp the Yard was the first movie set on a black college campus since Spike Lee's School Daze.

That's just wrong, man.

How could they forget Drumline?? That movie just came out a few years ago, and way more than School Daze, it shares a story line with Stomp the Yard. You've got a knucklehead kid from NYC (Los Angeles in this case) who finds himself a fish out of water at an Atlanta HBCU. He shows up on campus with major solo artistic talent (drumming/dancing) inspired by the streets and an emotional connection to a family member (dad/brother).

He seeks the attention of the hottest chick on campus but first must learn that it ain't all about him. He has to learn to play/dance on a team. Challenges ensue, but victory and redemption are assured. The plot was nothing original, but like I said, I'm a sucker for killer dance moves, and while there weren't as many scenes as I wanted, those that were there made the experience worth it.

I just did a search for Drumline and Stomp the Yard and found this great review which pretty much says what I just did, minus the red wine buzz. Here's an idea. When the Stomp the Yard DVD comes out, I want a video DJ to mix them together and show just how similar these joints are! I don't mean this as disrespect at all. I honestly think it would be cool to show the stories (or at least the key scenes) in split screen. Bad as drummer vs. badass dancer. The best would be if the drumline audio could drive the dance visuals from Stomp the Yard.

We'll call it Stomp the Drumline!

I'll never do that because I have about 2,000 messages to clear in my gmail inbox, but one of you youtube producers out there should hop on that.

Until the next post.